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Why Playtime is Vital for Dogs?

Why Playtime is Vital for Dogs?

Owners want their dogs to live long and content lives, but there's more to a dog's health than a good diet and checkups. Here, our Turlock vets list 4 major reasons playtime is vital for your dog's health.

1. Exercise

One of the most direct and obvious benefits of lively playtime with your dog is exercise! Aside from walks, running around and playing is your dog's number one source of physical exercise.

By promoting physical exertion, your pup is able to have more energy and maintain their physical health to live long, content lives. Try playing tag or tug-of-war with your dog to give them some more exercise.

2. Mental health

Like humans, dogs benefit from outside time and social play to promote mental health. You might have heard that going for a walk once a day can greatly improve one's mental health and stimulation. This is the same case for dogs!

Mental stimulation can prolong your dog's life and even make them more intelligent and easy to train. Your dog's behavior isn't only formed by training, but by allowing them to have outlets for mental stimulus and physical exertion.

3. Socialization

As with puppies, you can continue your dog's socialization and promote good behavior with other animals by giving them continued exposure to other dogs. 

Playtime with other dog's doesn't need to be the dog park! If your pooch isn't always the best with other dogs, you can help them socialize by walking them and letting them stop to sniff other passing pets. If you have a well-behaved and already social dog, play with them at the dog park! Your pup running around might invite other canines to engage them, promoting socialization and helping them develop good patience for other dogs.

4. Bonding

You love your dog and your dog loves you, but you can always strengthen your bond!

Playing with your dog releases endorphins in the canine's brain, which it positively associates with you. By engaging in some friendly playtime at least once a day, you are solidifying your bond with your pup!

Playtime isn't just outside!

While a dog's outdoor time is doubtlessly important, you don't need to limit yourself to outside playtime with your pup, as this can be tiring and cause owners to put it off. You can mentally stimulate and bond with your dog with small moments playing inside together or even just in the backyard!

Remember, your dog's life revolves around you. Taking a little extra time to give them special attention and goof around can make a world of difference!

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